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Steve Jobs Now in Theaters Everywhere


Adam Guest Starring on KINGDOM and GRACE & FRANKIE

Adam will be seen on the upcoming seasons of Kingdom (DirecTV) and Grace & Frankie (Netflix)…
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Steve Jobs Premieres October 9th!

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 7.47.55 PM

Adam co-stars in Universal’s STEVE JOBS, directed by Danny Boyle and starring Michael Fassbender, Kate Winslet, and Seth Rogen.
STEVE JOBS will premiere worldwide October 9th!
Check the trailer out here:

Sense 8 launches on Netflix!

Sense 8 is available now on Netflix. Check out Adam throughout the season as Dr. Metzger.

Eight strangers around the globe find themselves connected — first by a violent vision, then by their shared ability to connect with one another’s thoughts and actions, and finally by the urgent need to find out what happened and why. Their need to know goes beyond simple curiosity — as they pursue answers, a mysterious organization hunts them down, intent on destroying them. The intense thriller is the first foray into television (or, more accurately, Netflix) for renowned filmmakers Lana Wachowski and Andy Wachowski (“The Matrix Reloaded”), who created the series with J. Michael Straczynski (“Thor”). The international cast includes veteran actors known to U.S. audiences, like Daryl Hannah (“Kill Bill”) and Naveen Andrews (“Lost”), and others well-known in their home countries, like German actor Max Riemelt and Doona Bae of South Korea. In keeping with the global premise of the series, shooting takes place all over the world, including London, Reykjavik, Nairobi and Mumbai.

Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 7.15.13 PM

Catch Adam on ABC’s Cristela

Cristela_119_GuestStarringAdam-2_032515Photo Mar 17, 6 55 29 AMAdam has been added to the cast of ABC’s Friday night comedy Cristela!
Adam plays Cristela’s colleague (and new man??) Six years into law school, Cristela is on the brink of landing her first big internship at a prestigious firm. The only thing standing between her and success seems to be her traditional Mexican-American family, who find her lofty career aspirations more ambitious than they think appropriate. As she finds herself with one foot in the old culture that she’s working to bring into the present at home and the other in the modern world that she wants to embrace in her professional career, Cristela finds the path to the American dream may not be simple, but it is full of laughter.


Larry Gaye is in Theatres and On Demand Now!

Larry Gaye: Renegade Male Flight Attendant is in theatres and on demand now!!
Check out Adam and the all star cast of Mark Feuerstein, Danny Pudi, Jayma Mays, Patrick Warburton, Jason Alexander, Henry Winkler, Taye Diggs, Molly Shannon, and Rebecca Romijn!



Adam will be guest starring on Bones this week! Thursday, April 30th on FOX!
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CSI: Cyber March 25th

Adam guest stars alongside Patricia Arquette and James Van Der Beek on an action packed CBS’ CSI:Cyber March 25th!
Screen Shot 2015-07-29 at 7.23.56 PM

Feast Wins The Academy Award

Adam voices characters in Disney’s FEAST, a short film playing before Big Hero 6…


The Recommendation wins Ovation Award for BEST PRODUCTION!

Big news for Adam’s IAMA Theatre Company!

Jon Caren’s THE RECOMMENDATION has won two Ovation Awards including BEST PRODUCTION!

Recommendation for IAMA Ovation winner 10429454_10152861372001226_5607900104507291826_n Konerko_Ovations_231-X3 Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 3.17.52 PM


You’ll see Adam on an episode of the new CSI: Cyber alongside James Van Der Beek and Patricia Arquette in February!


Adam shot the new Netflix series Sense8 over the summer! No details yet, but it’ll be out in 2015! Written and directed by Lana and Andy Wachowski!

Check out Adam on Mysteries Of Laura

Adam guest stared on the October 15th episode of NBC’s Mysteries of Laura! check it out here!

Mysteries Of Laura – Adam Shapiro as Mark AND Cody from Adam Shapiro on Vimeo.


IAMA Nominated for 3 Ovation Awards!

Recommendation Ovation Treatment Master

IAMA Theatre Company‘s hit production of Jon Caren’s The Recommendation has been nominated for three Ovation Awards by the LA Theatre Alliance!
Adam is nominated for the second time (best actor, Hey, Morgan!) along with cast members Brandon Scott and Malcolm Barret for BEST ENSEMBLE IN A PLAY and the show has been nominated for BEST PRODUCTION OF PLAY!
The awards take place November 2nd in LA.

Nobody Walks In LA

10494644_10152525518970266_7022981883789341746_nAdam has begun filming the indie feature Nobody Walks in LA.  Alongside co-star Kim Shaw and writer/director Jesse Shapiro.

“Two old friends faced with life decisions that cannot wait put their lives on pause for a day and do the unthinkable . . . walk around Los Angeles.

As they grapple with failing relationships, a possible cross country move, and the challenges of familiy, friendship, and love – a new question arises – if they are more than just friends. “

Sister Premiere’s at Tribeca Film Festival 4/25

Sister, directed and written by David Lascher, co-written by Todd Camhe. (USA) – World Premiere, Narrative. When unstable Connie (Barbara Hershey) is tragically widowed, she finds it impossible to care for her delinquent adolescent daughter, Nicki, forcing her son, Bill (Reid Scott), to take his sister in. As the two begin to forge a healthy bond, well-meaning Bill implements his own method of treatment for Nicki’s mental troubles, but, when turmoil persists, he must reconcile his beliefs with what actually may be best for his sister. Sister addresses the polemic issue of youth psychotropic drug prescription with restraint and sensitivity.

Adam’s on The Mindy Project

Adam plays Phil Dayflower, America’s favorite accountant…just not Mindy’s.

Adam Shapiro on The Mindy Project from Adam Shapiro on Vimeo.

The Recommendation On Stage Now!

Recommendation-Poster-Email“The always excellent Shapiro demonstrates versatility and spark as the über-confident Feldman, whose fratboy charisma is tempered by a less attractive self-centeredness that Shapiro does not shy from revealing, making for yet another gem of a performance from the IAMA mainstay.”
– StageSceneLA
“The Recommendation dazzles!”
– The Hollywood Reporter

THE RECOMMENDATION tells the story of Aaron Feldman (Adam Shapiro) — smart, privileged and liked by everyone. And Iskinder (Brandon Scott), his college roommate, who is modest, unconnected and comes from a middle-class immigrant family. Soon the best of friends, Aaron takes Iskinder under his wing, sharing his world of favors and fortune. But the safe haven of college only lasts so long, and once in the real world, Aaron is thrust into a terrifying situation without his familiar safety net.
As the tables turn and he is forced to rely on an accused felon’s connections to keep him safe, both Aaron and Iskinder have to rethink the meaning of friendship and where loyalty has its limits. This new play raises questions about our so-called “post-racial” country, examines California’s prison-industrial complex, and asks whether there really must always be “haves” and “have-nots” in a modern society.
Our production of THE RECOMMENDATION will be sleek, modern, and fast-paced — allowing the characters to be front-and-center. While the play deals with thorny issues of race and class relations, it is above all the story of one friendship that hangs in the balance — something everyone can relate to. Our production will be intimate and immediate, with our narrator, Iskinder, sweeping the audience up into the greatest story he has ever told.

THE DEN in Theaters March 14th!

from IndieWire:

IFC Midnight, the genre arm of IFC Films, announced today that it has acquired U.S. rights to Zachary Donohue’s debut film, “The Den.” Co-written by Donohue and Lauren Thompson, the film stars Melanie Papalia, David Schlachtenhaufen, Adam Shapiro and Matt Riedy. “The Den” follows a young woman, who, studying the habits of webcam chat users, witnesses a brutal murder online, and plunges into an investigation that could befall a similarly grisly fate. 

The deal was negotiated by Arianna Bocco, SVP of Acquisitions & Productions for Sundance Selects/IFC Films, withCliffbrook Films and Intricacy Productions on behalf of the filmmakers.

“The Den is a unique, modern thriller and we are very happy that it has found a home at IFC Midnight,” says producer Dan Clifton. “We’re excited for audiences to experience the film in both a theatrical setting and as a VOD title, which are opportunities presented in working with IFC Midnight.”


Adam is completing the Scandal, Mistresses, Betrayal trifecta this month in Chicago.  Adam joins the cast of Betrayal as a recurring guest star, in, this, the show’s 1st season.  Betrayal airs Sundays at 10pm on ABC.

Two lovers’ worlds will collide, culminating in a powerful and compelling story of sex, love, loyalty, marriage and treachery in the provocative, sensual and gripping new drama, “Betrayal.”

“Betrayal” stars Hannah Ware (“Shame,” “Boss”) as Sara Hadley, Henry Thomas (“E.T.,” “Gangs of New York”) as T.J. Karsten, Chris Johnson (“The Vampire Diaries”) as Drew Stafford, Wendy Moniz (“Guiding Light,” “The Guardian”) as Elaine McAllister, Elizabeth McLaughlin (“The Clique”) as Valerie McAllister, Braeden Lemasters (“Men of a Certain Age”) as Victor McAllister, with Stuart Townsend (“The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen”) as Jack McAllister and James Cromwell (“Babe,” “American Horror Story”) as Thatcher Karsten.

“Betrayal,” based on the hit Dutch series “Overspel,” was written by David Zabel (“ER,” “Detroit 1-8-7”) and directed by Patty Jenkins (“The Killing,” “Monster”), and is executive-produced by Zabel, Lisa Zwerling (“ER,” “FlashForward”), Alon Aranya (“Red Widow”) and Rob Golenberg (“Red Widow”).



Steve Jobs Now in Theaters Everywhere
Steve Jobs Now in Theaters Everywhere

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Steve Jobs Now in Theaters Everywhere
Steve Jobs Now in Theaters Everywhere

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Adam Guest Starring on KINGDOM and GRACE & FRANKIE
Adam Guest Starring on KINGDOM and GRACE & FRANKIE

Adam will be seen on the upcoming seasons of Kingdom (DirecTV) and Grace & Frankie (Netflix)R…

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New NFL/Courtyard Commercial
New NFL/Courtyard Commercial

Adam and NFL Network’s Rich Eisen team up for the most Jewish NFL related football commercial …

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The Recommendation wins Ovation Award for BEST PRODUCTION!
The Recommendation wins Ovation Award for BEST PRODUCTION!

Big news for Adam’s IAMA Theatre Company! Jon Caren’s THE RECOMMENDATION has won two Ova…

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