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Web Shorts

ARGO: The Musical?

Adam and friends spoofing ARGO the only was they know how: with JAZZ HANDS! ARGO! The Musical – watch more funny videos

A Parody of Grenade: A Wingman’s Anthem

A Parody of Grenade: A Wingman's Anthem

Adam sings and stars in this Grenade parody written and directed Payman Benz. Also starring Garreth Reynolds,  and from Chris Weisberg is Growing Bald – Katie Lowes and Abby Wathen! *UPDATE* We’re already up to over 100,000 Youtube views!

Adam’s Elephant Larry Cameo

Adam's Elephant Larry Cameo

NY Comedy Group Elephant Larry was in LA this week to shoot their web series “Val Verde” and brought Adam along for the hysterical jorney…

My Long Distance Relationship

Adam joins up with comedians Dan Levy and Whitney Cummings for an episode of Levy’s “Long Distance Relationship” starring Dan Levy, Rachel Spector, and Randy Wayne.  So funny…

Comedy Gumbo

T&A Episode 2…boom!

T&A Episode 1!

It’s Burger Time

Adam and Dave complete 100 Concerts in 100 Days!