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The Recommendation On Stage Now!

Recommendation-Poster-Email“The always excellent Shapiro demonstrates versatility and spark as the über-confident Feldman, whose fratboy charisma is tempered by a less attractive self-centeredness that Shapiro does not shy from revealing, making for yet another gem of a performance from the IAMA mainstay.”
– StageSceneLA
“The Recommendation dazzles!”
– The Hollywood Reporter

THE RECOMMENDATION tells the story of Aaron Feldman (Adam Shapiro) — smart, privileged and liked by everyone. And Iskinder (Brandon Scott), his college roommate, who is modest, unconnected and comes from a middle-class immigrant family. Soon the best of friends, Aaron takes Iskinder under his wing, sharing his world of favors and fortune. But the safe haven of college only lasts so long, and once in the real world, Aaron is thrust into a terrifying situation without his familiar safety net.
As the tables turn and he is forced to rely on an accused felon’s connections to keep him safe, both Aaron and Iskinder have to rethink the meaning of friendship and where loyalty has its limits. This new play raises questions about our so-called “post-racial” country, examines California’s prison-industrial complex, and asks whether there really must always be “haves” and “have-nots” in a modern society.
Our production of THE RECOMMENDATION will be sleek, modern, and fast-paced — allowing the characters to be front-and-center. While the play deals with thorny issues of race and class relations, it is above all the story of one friendship that hangs in the balance — something everyone can relate to. Our production will be intimate and immediate, with our narrator, Iskinder, sweeping the audience up into the greatest story he has ever told.

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